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ASPOLE2 stores binary data streams in the OLE2 (MS's Compound Document) file format. It is written entirely in VBScript v5+ and so does not require registry on the webserver of any components. It is written as a VBScript class, and designed to be used as a simple include file from another ASP page which generates/handles binary data such as Excel files.

It has initial, minimal OLE2 file reading ability as well, allowing validation of OLE2 format.


On the ASPOLE2 demo page you can analyze any OLE2 document (Excel, Work, Powerpoint, or otherwise), or (eventually) even change the size of an OLE2 file while maintaining the same contents.

If you don't have an OLE2 document handy, you can go to the ASPBIFF8 demo page, generate an Excel file, save it to your computer, and then go to the ASPOLE2 demo page and upload and analyze that.


Allows specification/changing of OLE2 file parameters:






See our Project Page for downloads, support, or further information which may not yet be available on this site.

This class is utilized by ASPBIFF8 to generate native Excel files.

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